On the importance of Gay couples on social media. (Or Will and R.J. are awesome)


I was recently reading the comment section on the channel of my favorite YouTube couple Will and R.J., when I misread someones post. The person said: “The love between you two is amazing. Treasure it “.    I misread the last part as “I” treasure it. At first I thought the author was being melodramatic and a bit stalkerish for saying what they said. In the end, I realized I misread the comment. But in between, I realized that not only did I understand the sentiment, I felt it to.

 Like most people in America and our world, I grew up believing that gay people, especially gay men, were psychologically incapable of love relationships. Love is what makes the relationship between men and women so special, and since gay relationships had neither value or worth, love could not be a part of the arrangement. At best, they (we) could experience a type of self serving lust. 

Being a religious person, it took me time to accept on a rational basis that it was theoretically possible for Gay relationships to be love based. But it was still hard to believe because it was often hard to see any gay relationships, much less the solid healthy ones that would prove this theory.

So when I got to see the story of a gay couple in New York who’d been together 50 years, or the gay couple that were together 7 years in California before they got the right to marry, which they did, or when I got to see Will smile at R.J. on camera for the first time, it proved to me that the hypothetical was actually real. That what I was hoping for wasn’t only hope. That love is there for all those gay young people who have been told that they can only expect neutral loneliness at best or torrid painful encounters in their future.

So I’d like to reiterate what I mistakenly believed to be a youtube comment, for Will and R.J. and all the other gay couples who allow a little bit of their loves and lives to be shared on our social media.

The love between you two is amazing. I treasure it. 🙂




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