Open Hearts and Open Hands

Practicing Resurrection Together

hands and plant Stewardship is a word Quakers are especially fond of. I secretly think we are as fond of using it as we are because when we use the word “simplicity,” you can practically see the question marks forming on people’s faces. Yet stewardship, at its roots, is often what we mean by simplicity. Simplicity is not being simplistic; it is not as much based on rules as on a guiding principle. Many would see at its roots the guiding principle of wisdom, generally centered on frugality. I would say that the real guiding principle behind simplicity is not frugality, or even wisdom, it is love.

Simplicity then is not how many sweaters you don’t have in your closet. It is not really quantified by how great a financial safety net one has acquired. Simplicity does mean that you live a streamlined life, not because Quakers are minimalists, but because doing so gives us greater freedom to be more generous, to make…

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