The power of the Resurrection (sermon April 27, 2014)

Jwquaker's Blog

Scripture: John 20:19-31

Of every miraculous event that has occurred in all of history there is one that stands as being the most controversial. That is the resurrection of Jesus. It makes absolutely no sense to the worldly minds of most. Those of opposing faiths make attempts to explain it. Islam, because they believe Jesus to be a prophet, say that at the last moment God replaced Jesus with the human body of Judas Iscariot, because God would not have allowed His Prophet to die in that manner. The leaders of the Hebrews have explained it in various ways saying that His teaching was alive and that the body was carried away by his followers and hidden from them. Even religions that have no relationship to the monotheistic line of Abraham tend to have their own statements about Jesus and try to explain the concept of the resurrection. The very…

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