John Kerry Tells The Truth

The Dish

John Kerry Makes Statement On Ukraine At U.S. State Department

The tectonic plates beneath the US-Israel co-dependent relationship have begun to shift in the last few years. One obvious reason is that the traditional notion of the US trying to broker a two-state solution in Israel/Palestine has now become a target of deserved ridicule. I’ve begun to find myself halting even to use the words “peace process” to describe Israel’s relentless de facto annexation of the West Bank. It seems increasingly like an abuse of the English language and a fiction that no honest observer can really attest to as reality.

From George W. Bush’s “road map” onward, the Israeli government has played the US to the point of absurdity. It first waged a brutal air war on Gaza with impunity. Then it resumed its aggressive and relentless expansion of colonial settlements and settlers on the West Bank. Netanyahu has recently shown he’d rather release murderous terrorists from jail than…

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