A Gay Evangelical Preaches To The Unconverted, Ctd

The Dish

Reviewing Matthew Vines’s new book, God And The Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships, Randy Potts explains why it could shift the conversation among conservative evangelicals:

Thus far, most attempts to ask conservative Christians to reconsider their beliefs regarding same-sex couples have appealed either to the heart, on the progressive end, or the mind, on the academic end, but both approaches fail to understand how change in the conservative Christian church occurs. Appeals to the heart, however deeply expressed, often fall on deaf ears because bearing the cross is seen as a difficult task: any tale of hardship regarding an attempt to follow Scripture will often only buttresses the importance of the struggle itself. Appeals to the mind can also fail because conservative Christians do not come to their faith primarily through intellect nor do they approach the Bible as a book that can be…

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