Today is the World’s Birthday!

A Whole Heart

Yesterday was cold and cloudy; today is windy but warm.  Spring’s first maple leaves have opened their tiny fingers and now catch the wind with full hands.  I have come through a long sad winter of navigating icy sidewalks in wind chills as low as negative thirty-five degrees.  Occasionally warmed by friendly companionship, I never completely lost awareness of God’s nearness, but it has been a dark night’s journey, inwardly as well as outwardly.

Since waking this morning, a phrase comes repeatedly into my mind: “Today is the World’s Birthday.”

This morning I eat brunch with seven Earlham College students, all of them musicians or actors as well as scholars.  We celebrate working together to facilitate the weekly semi-programmed College Meeting for Worship.  I am grateful for how these busy students showed up faithfully all year, and for their creativity, energy, and thoughtfulness.  Over bagels and tea, they tell me…

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