Love lives in the hugs


The key to a good hug is to pick a time when you’re not likely to segue over from affection to fornication. No grasping him close, only to then start to tear off his clothes. That’s not a good hug; it’s just hormones.

A good hug is not sexual, and it’s one that could last forever; where time and space vanish or shrink to occupy only the little bubble around two huggers.

When the rough-soft skin of his back sear hot on cold hands, and you just close your eyes and feel the lingering traces of the morning’s splash or after-shave mingle with the salt-traced smell of his sweat – it’s a good hug. When the wet brief heat of his minty breath touch your ear from behind, it’s a good hug.

If that thing in your pants starts to grow and swell and demand immediate release, know that you…

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