“Does anything …

“Does anything unite this diverse group beyond our common love and humanity? Does anything make us distinctively Quaker?

I say yes.

Each of us has different emphases and special insights, but wherever Friends are affirming each other’s authentic experience of God, rather than demanding credal statements, we are being God’s faithful Quakers.

Wherever we are seeking God’s will rather than human wisdom, especially when conflict might arise, we are being faithful Quakers.

Wherever we are affirming the total equality of men and women, we are being God’s faithful Quakers.

Wherever there is no division between our words and our actions, we are being faithful.

Whenever we affirm that no one – priest, pastor, clerk, elder – stands between us and the glorious and mystical experience of God in our lives, we are faithful Friends.

Whether we sing or whether we wait in silence, as long as we are listening with the whole of our being and seeking the baptism and communion of living water, we will be one in the Spirit.”



Val Ferguson


2 thoughts on ““Does anything …

  1. I believe that whenever one quotes other people’s words and ideas, it is only fair and just, and a witness to the Truth that guides Quakers, to attribute the author of them. This quote is from the closing remarks of Val Ferguson, general secretary of the World Office of Friends World Committee for Consultation, at the 5th World Conference of Friends, 1991.

    1. Hey thanks for your comment!
      I posted this quote some place else, and I had referenced it, but I guess I wasn’t very careful when I reposted it here. I didn’t even notice!
      I’ll make sure to edit the post to reflect the authorship.

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