Sixth Month 13

As Light Is Sown

…  Ye are witnesses of these things. – Luke 24:27 and 48

*   *   *

Witnesses, of course, have first-hand encounters with specific events and actions. That’s not to say they understand what they observe, yet as they collect their impressions – often together with others who were present, as is represented in the plural ye – a composite perspective emerges.

Early Quaker theologian Robert Barclay’s Apology describes the Bible as a “looking glass in which we can see the conditions and experiences of ancient believers. There we find that our experience is analogous to theirs. … This is the great work of the Scriptures, and their usefulness to us.”

We, too, can be active witnesses to “these things” as they happen in our own lives and circles.

*   *   *

And ’tis his Spirit that leads into all Truth, even that Spirit which searcheth all Things, yea the deep…

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