Giving Friends another chance.

Recently I’ve been reconsidering my decision to no longer consider myself a part of the Religious Society of Friends.

I made this decision 3 months ago after having a pretty uninspiring experience at my local Friends meeting (FGC). I should have known better than to use a bad experience at one form of Quaker meeting to right off all the many types of Friends that exists, but I’ve been pretty vulnerable to that type of thinking lately. I’ve been without a local community of faith for about 3 years now. This has been especially hard for me because I came from an experience of being a part of a community of faith where I was deeply involved in the local church and received a lot of joy and fulfillment from that experience. So not having that as an aspect of my current spiritual life has been increasingly difficult for me as time has gone on.

I had the chance to go to a wonderful church in my neighborhood recently. And I’ve been seriously considering joining them because the experience of their hospitality was wonderful. But as I studied about the community they are a part of I realized, (once again) that community isn’t enough. What you believe, and how you believe one should act in the world matters just as much, if not more.

So it looks like I’m going to be putting the Quaker label back on as it were.

But I still haven’t solved my community problem.