Down To The River To Pray

Following His Footsteps

Today was a day I had been looking forward to since my last pilgrimage–we were headed to the Jordan River! Before heading to the Jordan, we were asked to discuss baptism as a group. Many of us reflected on not being able to remember our baptism as infants, different churches style of baptism, and the importance of being baptized before receiving the Eucharist. However the most poignant discussion came from a few pilgrims from Singapore. They described how baptism in their country meant proclaiming to the world you are leaving one family and joining another. One of the most moving stories focused on Hindu women who wear the familiar red dot, called a Bindi, on their foreheads. The Bindi symbolizes their belonging to not only a specific god, but a man. When a Hindu woman decides to be baptized, as the water runs down her head she is sealed with…

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