Why? CIFF Get Shorty Giveaway!

Why CLE?

The Cleveland International Film Festival is coming up March 18-29, with a theme this year of “The Home for Inspiration.” While the majority of the films will be shown at Tower City Cinemas, CIFF will also be screening films at 10 neighborhood locations, including the Beachland Ballroom and the Akron Art Museum. There will also be a free screening on Monday, March 23 as part of the Cleveland Foundation’s Centennial Celebration. Tickets for the Film Festival go on sale March 6 at 11am.

CIFF39Prior to the Festival, CIFF is holding a series of Film Feasts, sponsored by Hyland. Film Feasts are fun evenings designed to engage the Cleveland community and get people excited for the upcoming Film Festival. On Thursday, January 29, the 12th annual Get Shorty Film Feast will take place at the Capitol Theatre in Gordon Square.

Attendees at Get Shorty actually get to help choose some of…

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