Morocco report: 2 imprisoned on homosexuality charges


Human Rights Watch reports:

Location of al-Hoceima in Morocco. (Map courtesy of BBC) Location of al Hoceima in Morocco. (Map courtesy of BBC)

RABAT, Morocco, March 4 – Two men accused of consensual homosexual activity are serving prison terms after a trial that seems to have been unfair, Human Rights Watch and the Aswat Group for Sexual Minorities, a Moroccan group, said today.

[A short account of the trial and sentencing appeared in this blog’s article “Al Hoceima, Morocco: Jail time reduced” on Jan. 4.]

The First Instance Court in the Mediterranean city of al Hoceima convicted the two defendants of sodomy in a very brief trial held only five days after their December 13, 2014 arrest. They were convicted based on “confessions” the police said the defendants made in pretrial detention but that the defendants repudiated before the judge. The court called no witnesses to testify. An appeals court upheld the sentence on December 30.

Sarah Leah Whitson,  Middle East and North Africa director  for Human Rights Watch Sarah Leah Whitson…

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