Welcoming the Light

As Light Is Sown

The early Quaker understanding was quite different from the “Inner Light” concept voiced by modern Friends. Just listen to Elizabeth Bathurst (1655?-1685):

  • For this Principle of Light, of which I now write, ’tis something of the Nature and Being of God himself, who as he is a Spirit, so he is Light, as you may read concerning him, and therefore it is by his Light, with which we are enlightned: It proceedeth from him, he being the Ocean wherein the Fulness thereof is contained; ’tis from him, through his Son Christ Jesus, that we come to be enlightned by the same: So ’tis in his Light that we see Light, even as the natural Sun causeth its Beams to extend to the Ends of the Earth; so this eternal Sun of Righteousness, who is the Ocean and Fountain of Divine Spiritual Light, causeth more or less of the Streams thereof…

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