How to protest Russia-style anti-gay bill in Kygyzstan


Indonesian protesters oppose anti-"gay propaganda" bill in Kyrgyzstan. (Photo courtesy of Labrys) Indonesian protesters oppose anti-“gay propaganda” bill in Kyrgyzstan. (Photo courtesy of Labrys)

LGBTI rights activists are seeking international support for their attempts to block a proposed Kyrgyz law that would be even harsher than Russia’s anti-“gay propaganda” law.

Anti-homophobia graphic from Labrys Anti-homophobia graphic from Labrys

Unlike the Russian law, the Kyrgyz proposal would provide for imprisonment for mentioning homosexuality or advocating LGBTI rights.

Labrys, the LGBTI group in Kyrgyzstan, would be outlawed if the law is enacted.  It has asked supporters to:

  • Protest peacefully;
  • Call and write Kyrgyz officials;
  • Urge their own governments to do the same; and
  • Take part in a photo flashmob, using the hashtag #supportLGBTkg.

See below for details.

This is the appeal for help from Labrys:

In the next few weeks members of the Kyrgyz Parliament will consider in second hearing a draft law, which is an almost exact replica of the Russian law on “gay propaganda”. It has…

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