Going back to Galilee

God in the Midst of the City

Shopping at Wal-Mart near the end of Lent, a priest ran into one of his parish children in the candy aisle.  The little boy, Johnny, holding a giant chocolate rabbit, eagerly looked up at his priest and said, “We’re getting ready for Easter!”

The priest was understandably disappointed.  He’d invested so much in the parish Sunday school program, only to see this doe-eyed child equate the church’s holiest day with a super-heroic rabbit.  He looked very seriously at the little boy and asked, “Johnny, do you know what Easter is about?”

Without pause, Johnny responded, “Of course I know what Easter is about. It’s when Jesus went to Jerusalem, and he rode a donkey, and they waved palms at him.  But Jesus made people angry, and they nailed him on a cross and he died.”

As you would expect, the priest was incredibly gratified.  “Do you know what happened next…

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