‘Islamic State’ has reported 15 LGBTI executions


"Islamic State" logo “Islamic State” logo

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) has published reports of 15 people said to have been executed in the past 12 months by “Islamic State” militias for alleged homosexuality-related crimes.

The IGLHRC file “Timeline of Publicized Executions for ‘Indecent Behavior’ by IS Militias,” lists reported executions of 18 people accused of indecent behavior, sodomy, adultery and other so-called morality-based crimes. [An Arabic version of the list is here.] None of the reports has been confirmed, of course, because of the war under way in the area.

IGLHRC is seeking signatures on an appeal to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the governments of Canada, France, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United States to urgently step up resettlement and asylum efforts to help save lives and protect persecuted groups fleeing Islamic State violence.

The IGLHRC file includes the following 15 reported executions…

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