No Wonder We Have So Many Homeless in Our Major Cities. You Have Lost Your Marbles if You Expect Anyone to Live On $221 A Month (the same since 1982).

The Amazing Democrats:

Obama's HQ in 2012 on San Francisco's Market Street. Obama’s HQ, San Francisco 2012

by The Editorial Board (LA Times)

In the early 1980s, as today, Los Angeles County residents who qualified for no other form of public assistance were given a few hundred dollars in monthly last-resort payments known as general relief. It was a lifeline to people down on their luck, hoping to cobble together a few dollars to put a roof over their heads, at least for a portion of the month. The amount in 1982 was $221.

More than 30 years later, that’s still what the county pays, despite the obvious many-fold increases over the decades in the cost of housing and other basic needs. Two general relief recipients pooling their money still can’t afford a month in a typical L.A. apartment.

And leaders wonder why Los Angeles can’t make headway against homelessness.

The orientation of county government toward its moral duty to help the…

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