LGBTI rights leader faces Cameroon police shakedown


Minuit à l’aéroport de Yaoundé-Nsimalen. (Photo de Midnight at Yaoundé-Nsimalen Airport. (Photo courtesy of

The president of the LGBTI rights group Humanity First Cameroon returned from a trip yesterday to find a police sergeant waiting for him with death threats and a demand for money in exchange for his freedom.

Returning shortly after midnight at the end of a trip to Europe, Jules Eloundou was accused of homosexuality. The friends who came to pick him up were detained and assaulted.

Jules Eloundou (Photo d'ILGA) Jules Eloundou (Photo courtesy of ILGA)

It was just 1 a.m., on June 24, when Eloundou’s plane landed at Youndé- Nsimalen Airport.  He was promptly detained by police sergeant Joel Tagne, who said that he had also detained Eloundou’s two friends after seeing them making love.

He told Eloundou that, for a payment of 200 euros, he would refrain from  instituting legal proceedings against them. One of the friends, JP, gestured to Eloundou that he should…

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