Hillary takes the wheel and drives this one … all the way to 1600 in ’16!


I have mentioned, more than once,  George Lakoff’s frustration with Democrats for failing to own the framing of issues.  I know a lot of people think he is long-winded (yes, he rants),  and that a linguist has no business commenting on politics.  Actually, in European culture,  traditional linguistic analysis began with the ancient Greeks exactly because they had a democratic political system.  How did you think the candidates figured out which speeches worked best and why?

As I was perusing the newsfeeds, I noticed that articles about this decision are using the term “marriage equality.”  This is the Democratic frame.  It would be easier for Republicans to argue against “gay marriage.”  It is a lot harder for them to “come out” against equality.  🙂

The Democrats own this one.  We finally won the framing contest!  George Lakoff, this Bud’s for you!

Hillary takes the wheel and drives this one…

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