Aug 3 – George Freeman Bragg, Jr.

A Great Cloud of Witnesses

Illumination -George Freeman Bragg

George Freeman Bragg, Jr.
3 August 1940

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From “Documenting the American South

George Freeman Bragg, Jr. was born on January 25, 1863 in Warrenton, North Carolina. When Bragg was two years old, his family moved to Petersburg, Virginia. Bragg’s paternal grandmother lived in Petersburg; she had been the slave of an Episcopal minister, and at the end of her life she helped to found St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church for Negroes. Bragg grew up in St. Stephen’s Church, and he attended its parochial school until 1870, when he was expelled due to claims that he was not sufficiently humble. In 1885, he reentered the school.

Bragg founded The Lancet, a weekly newspaper for African-Americans, in 1882. When Bragg returned to seminary in 1885, The Lancet became the Afro-American Churchman (and finally the Church…

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