Gone 3 years, not forgotten: Inspiring activist/journalist


Exactly three years have passed since the death of talented gay Cameroonian journalist/activist Stephane Tchakam. To mark the day, the Erasing 76 Crimes blog today reprints the commemorative article about Tchakam  written by another talented gay Cameroonian journalist/activist, Eric Lembembe, who was murdered less than a year after Tchakam’s death.

Stephane Tchakam:
Vibrant LGBT activist’s memory lives on

By Eric Lembembe

Stéphane Tchakam The eternal smile of Stephane Tchakam

“Stephane is dead!” announces a voice on the phone.

“Which one?”

“Stephane Tchakam.”

“Excuse me. Are you kidding or what?”

The call came from Philip, a well-known gay activist in Douala, Cameroon, who phoned a friend in Yaoundé to tell him the shocking news that Stephane Tchakam had died.

Very early, around 6 a.m. Monday, Aug. 13, similar phone calls and text messages awoke many in Cameroon and elsewhere.  No one could sleep after hearing the news. Everyone had to double-check by making…

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