What Each Myers-Briggs Type Does In College

Thought Catalog


ENFP: Starts writing every essay at 5pm the day before it’s due and has still written nothing at 3am after cleaning their room, calling their mother, having a dance party, booking a spontaneous trip for spring break and composing several inspired blog articles.

ESTP: Attends class for the sole purpose of maintaining their sports scholarship and/or fraternity presidency.

INFJ: Is consistently torn between their desire to earn straight As and their desire to lament over their latest existential crisis.

ISTP: Manages to completely flip their sleep schedule by the end of freshman year and is not seen in broad daylight again until graduation day.

INFP: Is enthralled to finally leave their small, conservative town and befriend other social justice enthusiasts whom they probably already know from tumblr.

ESTJ: Is that student at the front of the lecture hall who puts up their hand…

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