Alice Nkom: Struggle and hope for LGBTI Cameroonians


Alice Nkom of Cameroon (Photo courtesy of The Daily Beast) Alice Nkom speaks at Quorum gathering on international LGBTI rights (Photo courtesy of The Daily Beast)

There’s reason to hope that the often-homophobic African nation of Cameroon is on the road to eventually ensuring fair treatment for its LGBTI citizens, says Alice Nkom, the 69-year-old attorney who is one of two or three lawyers in the country who accept LGBTI people as clients.

“We see a change, a visible change. The issue is out of the closet now. It’s a national debate,” Nkom said in a video from the “Quorum” series of 11 discussions of international LGBTI issues, presented by The Daily Beast.

During her talk, she described the harassment that LGBTI people face in her west/central African country, where the penalty for same-sex relations is up to five years in prison.

After her talk, evidence was published (on this blog) that fewer LGBTI Cameroonians are being arrested and…

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