Logosclerosis – a hard word

Draughting Theology

As we begin what feels like our 41st week in the Bread of Life Discourse from John 6, I’ll once again point you to the good work of Evan Garner, who, like me, isn’t preaching this week, but takes some time to look again at what Jesus is really trying to get at in this “difficult teaching.”

It is a difficult teaching that Jesus offers, at least that how the NRSV renders the original text.  In Greek is sounds more like a medical condition than anything else, “logosclerosis,” which in the proper tense it reads something like “eipan-scleros,”  literally it is a hard word or a hard saying.  Note, as Evan has, that this push back isn’t coming from the Jews, John’s polemical code-word for the Jewish leadership.  It isn’t coming from the crowd either.  No, this time we have “the disciples” wondering just how anyone could possibly accept this…

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