Time to Revisit Hillary Clinton on Syria


In her interview with Andrea Mitchelltoday on MSNBC, the human rights crisis in Hungary arose.  Many, perhaps most of these refugees are from Syria.  Hillary mentioned in the interview that she had addressed the critical situation faced by the Syrian people time and again as Secretary of State.

Two years ago exactly, the media was hounding her (as always).  Then, it was that they wanted her to speak out on Syria.  At that time, I posted this retrospective of her efforts to help the Syrian people.

Now might be a good time to review this material while bearing in mind that Hillary is very clear that the response must be international, not unilateral, and not just the US and Europe.

I am posting that response in full here.

Hillary Clinton: Hardly Silent on Syria … but Who Listened?

September 3, 2013
Some in the media apparently think it is…

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