What to do with this WordPress?

So I’m a pretty bad blogger because I’m not a very good journal writer. Some people are great about posting content, but I often fall behind, especially on this blog, lol. I’d like to do more though, which leads me to this post.

This new year is the third year that I’ve been an Episcopalian, second officially through confirmation, and the 2nd anniversary of my Relationship with my Husband-to-be Corban. It’s also the 200th Anniversary of the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio and the 500th of the Protestant Reformation and Luther’s 95 Theses.

In honor of all this, I’d like to change the focus of this blog to one about Early Episcopalianism and Classical Anglicanism in the Episcopal Church today with emphasis on the Protestant and Reformed nature of these churches. I’ll try to post about 3 times a week with quotes from Anglican Churchmen, reflections on books I’m reading, and my journey as a black,gay,Classical Episcopalian within today’s Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion. 
I’ll try to post about my own personal issues and politics as well, just to add a little variety.