Musings of my frustration with Ephraim Radner,

One of the most frustrating projects I’m working on is developing a theology that is grounded firmly in an explicitly Anglican tradition and Orthodox perspective. I find myself reading people like Ephraim Radner and Bishop George Sumner, people who see folk like myself as a direct threat to themselves and Christianity itself. I’m reading them because I think their effort to reorient the Episcopal/Anglican tradition in a faithful and Biblical way are essential to reform and renewal and ultimately the survival of this tradition. But when you see their utter disdain, contempt, and despair at the very thought of LGBT people being grafted into the people of God and having their lives fully included, it makes if hard to give the rest of their theological musings a fair hearing. Why have these people let the issue of sexuality become the seat and center of their theological resistance? Why not the abandonment of the Creeds or the neglect of the Thirty-nine Articles, or the devaluation of proselytization?  Perhaps this is how freed slaves felt reading theology in the immediate aftermath of Emancipation. So frustrating.


3 thoughts on “Musings of my frustration with Ephraim Radner,

  1. Wow. I am now compelled to read Ephraim Radner. (I think?) This obviously has you hot under the collar. I don’t ordinarily read these types of texts. Is there something else you’d recommend instead?

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