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Jan 6 – The Feast of the Epiphany –


What to do with this WordPress?

So I’m a pretty bad blogger because I’m not a very good journal writer. Some people are great about posting content, but I often fall behind, especially on this blog, lol. I’d like to do more though, which leads me to this post.

This new year is the third year that I’ve been an Episcopalian, second officially through confirmation, and the 2nd anniversary of my Relationship with my Husband-to-be Corban. It’s also the 200th Anniversary of the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio and the 500th of the Protestant Reformation and Luther’s 95 Theses.

In honor of all this, I’d like to change the focus of this blog to one about Early Episcopalianism and Classical Anglicanism in the Episcopal Church today with emphasis on the Protestant and Reformed nature of these churches. I’ll try to post about 3 times a week with quotes from Anglican Churchmen, reflections on books I’m reading, and my journey as a black,gay,Classical Episcopalian within today’s Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion. 
I’ll try to post about my own personal issues and politics as well, just to add a little variety.


I’m writing this as a marker to myself of the moment in my life when God worked yet another miracle in my life and A reminder to honor and trust him come what may.

Thank you God for always coming through for me. Help me always to honor you despite my feelings one day or another.

On Baskets of Deplorables.

​This weekend, I’ve learned that the majority of media in this country do not believe that people who hold racist, sexist, xenophobic, or homophobic views should be called racists, sexists, xenophobes, or homophobes.
I’ve realized that according to the media in this country, you can’t call people deplorable for holding deplorable views.
And that’s why these human ills will never be treated in this country. Because if it’s worse to call someone racist then to be racist, then we’ll continue to support racists and subtle forms of racism.


Hello WordPress blog! Long time no write! I’m going to try to use you as a diary, and I hope it works out well.

I’d like to make a plan for personal continuing education. On every off day except Sunday from now forward, I will dedicate 6 hours of my day to reading and writing about non fiction books. It will be based on the methods of classical education. It’s a difficult task I set myself, but one I’m eager to perform. I’ll ask my husband Corban to help me in this endeavor. Good luck to me! 😊

On Throwing the Baby Jesus Out with the Bath Water

Emily C. Heath

I love the United Church of Christ.

I do. After growing up a “spiritual but not religious” “none” at the tail end of Generation X, I found my way into Christ’s church at the age of 17 and was baptized. Eight years later I was ordained in the Presbyterian Church (USA), a church I also love deeply. Because I was openly gay, though, in 2010 I felt that I needed to transfer my ordination to a church that could openly affirm all of me.

The United Church of Christ was that place, and for the past six years I have served as a UCC parish pastor, a delegate to General Synod, a member of Association and Conference committees, and as someone actively involved on the national level.

But I’m not writing as any of those things today. Today I’m writing as this: a disciple of Christ who wants to be…

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