Cameroon: Life of a gay activist turns to drama


By Erin Royal Brokovitch

Jacques, 29, is the president of the group Acodévo Océan in Kribi, Cameroon, an LGBT community based organization. An activist since 2012, he becomes the object of a series of violent blows and attacks because of his activism and because he is different.

It is a shady and shameful history that combines revenge, a scam, some blackmail, a trap and abuse of legal process against the backdrop of homophobia that Jacques has experienced.

The case dates back to February 2015.  Jacques ends up behind the walls of the central police station in Kribi after a wild story in which he risked his life to a certain degree.

It is Alain Giresse, 35, a former member of Acodévo Océan, where Jacques is president, who has decided to lead the attack.  A person deemed unstable by fellow Acodévo members who prefer to keep away because they found his…

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